Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Orgainization 101: Keeping a Clean and Organized Desk

If you were to ask any of my friends or family members about my organization skills, they would most likely say that I run a tight ship. Not gonna lie, I yell at my family for leaving plates on the counter and not in the dishwasher, putting the forks in the spoon section of the silverware drawer, and for leaving stacks of paper on desks. Yes, I'm a stickler for some most things. I would apologize, but hey, I have a pretty messy family. Someone needs to have a voice.

With that, I'm using my voice to help you. One of the places that I think should MUST be clean at all times is your desk. I mean, it is the place where all of your work gets done! Plus, a happy desk is also a happy Lindsey.
So make me happy and let's clean up your workspace.

1) When in doubt, throw it out.

This is a problem that I think that people run into a lot. The question of whether or not you will need to keep the assignment from a year ago or that thank you card that someone must have spent time working on but probably will not come in handy. The reality is that you most likely will not need it. I mean, if you haven't used it in the past 6 months, when will you ever? Those pieces of paper that just sit in piles are just taking up space and will probably not be that important. If the idea of throwing it out causes you to stress, then simply scan the paper on to your computer or take a picture of it! There, problem solved.

2. Keep everything most things in reach.

Stapler, tape, highlighters, pens, pencils, computer, charger, etc. The list goes on of the things that are needed on a daily basis. Find the space to keep these essentials either in a drawer nearby or on the tabletop of your desk itself. However, remember to keep some things away from your workspace. Keeping too many things nearby causes clutter which brings us back to the beginning. Try to only keep one of each major component. You most likely do not need two staplers or two things of tape. Instead, have extra staples or reusable rolls. Also, why do you need to keep a 12-pack of water bottles underneath your desk? Getting up to go to the fridge or break room allows you to take a break and stretch your legs. Believe me when I say this will not only eliminate a lot of clutter, but will also bring you to a happier state of mind.

3. Get rid of distractions... Well, most distractions.

I get it, the bouncy ball in the drawer is there for when you get bored. The office golf set is there for practicing your putting. And the basketball hoop on the back of the door is for those mid-day 3 point contests between you and your coworkers (or family members). BUT, do you really need all three? Nope. Opt for one. It makes you seem more professional. And it gets rid of distractions. Keep one instead of three and you'll be just as good.

4. Notepads. 

I can not stress enough about how writing down what you need to do allows you to remember what must be done. Plus, notepads look really cute on a desktop. Just saying. Kate Spade, the Paper Source, and Anthropologie all have realllyyyy cute ones. I especially like this one.

5. Inspiration (my happy place :) )

If you have a glass top desk or a space for a bulletin board to put above your desk, use those spaces to create a place to inspire you. Whenever I read magazines, I always cut out the things that stand out to me. Take all of these small things and put them in a place that is not hidden. Print out that really cute outfit Olivia Palermo wore, a picture of the sandwich your mouth drools over whenever you see it, the pattern that would look great in your sketchbook. Whatever works. Maybe even the polaroids you took last weekend with your friends. If it makes you happy, show the world. Bring the thoughts that are inside your head to a common place. And remember, nothing's permanent. Switch that board to express you.


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