Monday, November 10, 2014


When coming up with a name for this blog, we stumbled upon a great challenge. Not only are most names taken, but we lacked inspiration for a name that would be both thought provoking and creative. We wanted the name to be intriguing, even captivating, and yet still represent our blog in the best way possible. Yes, we believe that that challenge has been crossed.

So, who exactly are 'we'?
Lindsey, Madeleine, Alice, and Olivia.
Together we are 4 girls conquering the world one day at a time.

What is The Etherealists?
The Etherealists is a place for us to share our thoughts. Our exquisite thoughts. The ones that are worth sharing of course. Other thoughts... well... let's just keep those to ourselves.

We want our blog to be, for the most part, about photography, fashion, and lifestyle. Enjoy!

For more of us, check out our Instagram, Twitter , Pinterest (Alice / Lindsey / Madeleine /  Olivia), and Tumblr!

-Lindsey, Madeleine, Alice, and Olivia

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